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Synthetic Open Pads

* More consistent coverage and fewer leaks.
* Padding material is completely stable.
* Optimal degree of firmness.
* Provides a lively tone and quick response.
* Totally waterproof — will not be affected by moisture and temperature outdoor.
* Absolutely no pad skin buzzes or sympathetic vibrations found on traditional skin pads.
* Clean, white appearance and non-shouldered look.
* Key action has a more secure feeling when closing than traditional pads


Thickness: 2.8mm
Center Hole:9.0mm




item number Description Price Quantity total Price
WSTFLOP160 16.0mm $0.26
WSTFLOP165 16.5mm $0.26
WSTFLOP170 17.0mm $0.26
WSTFLOP175 17.5mm $0.26
WSTFLOP180 18.0mm $0.26
WSTFLOP185 18.5mm $0.26
WSTFLOP190 19.0mm $0.26
WSTFLOP195 19.5mm $0.26
WSTFLOP200 20.0mm $0.26

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