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Saxophone repair tools
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 Saxophone repair tools

Saxophone installation - maintenance - Maintenance - aftermarket articles: broad knowledge on saxophone repair tools.
Saxophone repair tools
Saxophone maintenance, owned in the end is to restore the adjustment of the key transmission relationship. But during this process, one should first rule out the failure of the instrument tube. The failure of the so-called tube, refers to the process of using non-standard operating result of: tube to depression, the key column distorted and buttons with sound hole closed angle deviation. There are several tools in this process is the assistant to complement our work.
A core gold saxophone: that is, the so-called Nobuko tire with a saxophone. If you want to make the surface finish must spend as long as 45 tool steel material can be.
2, the steel is good hammer: percussion surface finish and hardness in the repair tube sag, good hammer to avoid injury to the surface of the instrument. The hardness in order to ensure to drop needles spring back-end flat children "can not hurt the shiny side of the hammer.
3, tube: overhaul the extent of the saxophone keys closure, which is an indispensable tool. Prior to this, many master ball blocked trumpet, then hold down the button, the jack inside the tube blowing smoke tube from the neck, through the observation site of the leakage of smoke to determine the root cause failure. With this tool, you can get the job done more effectively.
4 pole screwdriver: Some call it a screwdriver, screwdriver, its role is well known, is an indispensable tool for dismantling the installed screw. So why must a pole it? Mainly taking into account the saxophone in the key column spacing is relatively large, especially in the two groups of spindle screw group, the broken rod screwdriver simply out of reach. Another reason is that the pole effort, but the best is homemade, because the outside can never be bought to meet the needs of the wind instrument repair.
Mallet and L-shaped iron plates: When there are subtle differences in the key angle or degree of liner closure of the instrument can be adjusted to the tool in conjunction with L-shaped iron plates. The hardness of the mallet to adjust the perspective of key cover favor, and the elasticity of the wood is the least injury cover for key. Now yamaha a hammer made of a pigskin, the surface seems to have a protective layer of a layer of jelly. Through the use of more than five years, can prove the practicality of this tool durability. L-shaped iron plates belonging to the aid, its role is to cover the tight side of the mat in the key, then use the mallet to tap the other side to adjust.
6, the shiny file: This is a very fine steel file, its density close to the 2000-purpose water sandpaper, but in the repair of the sound hole end injustice, but also one of the very effective tool.
7, the cover refers to the shellfish protection tools: First, explain what is to refer to the shell. Some described in the book cover glued to the saxophone keys circular snap some high-end instrument with pearls to the system it, the majority of the middle and low musical instruments made from synthetic plastic. But in hot pressing processing done to the liner when it is best to protect it, because once the flames burn it, or the temperature is too high will make it deformed, so this tool is essential.
8, spring hook: whether demolition instrument or not assembled instrument without it, because it can enhance our work efficiency, reduce unnecessary trouble. Spring hooks are homemade, the practice is very simple, but beautiful use of the heart that one can produced.
Case, key angle adjustment wrench: When the key angle is too low, use this tool to adjust the key back-end of the key root, can not change the key cover and the sound hole with the increase to cover the opening and closing angle.
Listed above are the most commonly used tools, in addition to preparing a vise, with the maintenance of many musical instruments. Is best able to vise fixed in a solid shelf. The rest of the auxiliary tools such as: small screwdriver, cutting blade, tweezers, etc. also need to be readily available.
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