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Sax pads. How to choose? http://www.flickr.com/photos/zhenghaomusic/ Six, insist on practicing scales Six, insist on practicing scales< f > Sax for beginners introductory skills < e > Sax for beginners introductory skills < d > Sax for beginners introductory skills < c > Sax for beginners introductory skills < b > Sax for beginners introductory skills < a > Classification of Sax How the day-to-day maintenance of the saxophone Sax self detection techniques On saxophone pads perception and interpretation Saxophone varieties, selection and maintenance? Sax maintains the classic quotations Saxophone instrument assembly Buy saxophone skills Sax: blowing technique Sax spit sound when major fault spit sound Sounded sax master gas and tongue with Sachs reputation and performance characteristics Classical music Sax story Instrument gentleman - saxophone Sax pad replacement method flute pads clarinet pads saxophone pads flute pads clarinet pads saxophone pads flute pads clarinet pads saxophone pads clarinet flute pads saxophone pads clarinet pads flute pads flute pads clarinet pads flute pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads saxophone pads saxophone saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxopohone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads zhenghao clarinet pads Mouthpiece cushion THE LOW D & D-sharp SOUNDS EMPTY IF A PAD FALLS OUT LOOSE SCREWS, RODS AND SHAFTS A KEY HAS SUDDENLY GONE LIMP THE SAX CAN ONLY PLAY HIGH NOTES STICKING KEYS How To Repair Soprano Saxophone saxophone repair Saxophone repair tools How to Clean Pads on a Saxophone Installation saxophone pads sax pads
saxophone pads
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All the pads are made of 100% woolen felt, high qulity lambskin and bladder.
If you are interested in our products, we are willing to send you some free samples for you to test its quality and also with our price list included.
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The saxophone was invented in 1840 by Belgian Adolphe Sax (Antoine-Joseph Sax ,1814-1894). Adolf is a keen instrument maker, specializes in clarinet and flute. He originally conceived the design of a bass for the orchestra, 比奥菲克莱德 number (Ophicleide) playing flexible and able to adapt to the outdoor performances. His bass clarinet mouthpiece and Ophelia Clyde number of tube body together and make improvements, this new type of musical instrument named after himself. In 1814, Adolf Sachs (Adolphe Antoine Sax) was born in a small town in Belgium - Dinant. His father was a school the prestigious musical instruments manufacturers. Adolf Sachs in the 15-year-old has been an outstanding student of the School of Music of Bruce Zellers, and Bruce Zellers Symphony Orchestra. Flute and clarinet, he has considerable attainments, it is precisely because of his clarinet will be improved, which makes the clarinet became standard in the symphony members. Belgian government big plus encourage granted him second prize in an exhibition, but Adolf Sachs feel a bit disappointed as he could not get the first prize, disappointed, in Paris development. In 1842, Adolf Sachs invented the saxophone, is the one on the bass E flat tone saxophone. Zhezhi instrument of the invention to Adolf Sachs, a good friend of Berlioz left a deep impression. Berlioz was one of Europe's most influential musicians, Adolf Sachs invented him in various media on this instrument is much appreciated, to say that this instrument is the most user-friendly characteristics. People to give the instrument will be based on the surname of Adolf Sachs named - "saxophone", a tone is the most wonderful, the most characteristic shape of the instrument was born. 1844, saxophone used for the first time in George Kane Turner Opera "last Jewish king, Berlioz also created an ensemble for Saxophone" chants. In 1846, Adolf. Sax invented saxophone instrument patent. This has laid his prominence in the music scene of Paris, known as the genius of the European states. Then Adolf Sachs opened in Paris in a saxophone manufacturing enterprises. Adolf Sachs invented a total of 14 kinds of size the same shapes Sachs. (Including the small tenor sax and large times the bass saxophone, trumpet times the bass saxophone, and even a child can be placed.) 1851, Adolf Sachs made a hole distance of 24 key metal tube patent, this metal the bassoon was called "Sachs system bassoon. In 1853, the French army began enable saxophone, the perfect combination of woodwind and brass. The pipe band of all European countries to buy Adolf Sachs invented and production of this instrument - saxophone, which makes Adolf Sachs to become properly when very rich people. Adolf Sachs success aroused the envy of peers, so they sued him in court, said Adolf. Sax steal their patents, Adolf Sachs, in order to protect their own inventions and honor the heroic struggle. In 1860, the Englishman Andir popular during the saxophone, developed the first saxophone, broke Adolph. The sax saxophone monopoly,, because Andir hard to pursue its Saks exquisite and beautiful tone superior workmanship, subject to a number of saxophonist sought after. In 1885, France Selma wind instrument manufacturing company established in Paris, the company is named according to the name of founder Henry Selma (Henri Selmer). Selma musical instrument manufacturing company mainly produces single-reed instruments, especially the saxophone and clarinet, best known for its excellence and outstanding product quality. Chinese history after 1886 years ago, a pipe band was formed by Robert De, when he was appointed foreigners Customs General Secretary (Robert Hart) [1835 - 1911] founded. In 1887, Adolf. Saxophone sax original contrabass "B" key, added a drop of the "B" key, and in several contrabass and key sub, the installation on the protection key The frame assembly. 1894, penniless Adolf Sachs died in Paris, but you can comfort his soul in heaven, after years of hard work of his lawyer, eventually winning a lawsuit he and his opponent. Before 1900, not many works on the saxophone, as many musicians do not know Saxophone This instrument is whether the long-term presence of so many musicians do not get involved in the saxophone in this field, but in the symphony which you can still find saxophone figure and outstanding performance, such as Bizet's "the Alai city girl; Ravel mosso Chhabra picture exhibition". In 1903, Debussy Boston Mrs. Hall - an especially rich woman created an alto saxophone and pipe band works, "Rhapsody" Haller later became an outstanding saxophone played Qin She also requested the works of Dan the flute, Love Lyle famous composers such as saxophone. The beginning of the century, the European military band on tour in the North American continent, the the saxophone played Qin settled down in Louisiana, United States. Until the 1920s, jazz music, turned soprano saxophone into jazz which Rich expressive saxophone in jazz which the world would greatly surprised, and thus laid the saxophone in jazz which share the absolute status, and Sydney. Biche Te is also known as the saxophone of "parent".

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