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Sax pads. How to choose? http://www.flickr.com/photos/zhenghaomusic/ Six, insist on practicing scales Six, insist on practicing scales< f > Sax for beginners introductory skills < e > Sax for beginners introductory skills < d > Sax for beginners introductory skills < c > Sax for beginners introductory skills < b > Sax for beginners introductory skills < a > Classification of Sax How the day-to-day maintenance of the saxophone Sax self detection techniques On saxophone pads perception and interpretation Saxophone varieties, selection and maintenance? Sax maintains the classic quotations Saxophone instrument assembly Buy saxophone skills Sax: blowing technique Sax spit sound when major fault spit sound Sounded sax master gas and tongue with Sachs reputation and performance characteristics Classical music Sax story Instrument gentleman - saxophone Sax pad replacement method flute pads clarinet pads saxophone pads flute pads clarinet pads saxophone pads flute pads clarinet pads saxophone pads clarinet flute pads saxophone pads clarinet pads flute pads flute pads clarinet pads flute pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads saxophone pads saxophone saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxopohone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads zhenghao clarinet pads Mouthpiece cushion THE LOW D & D-sharp SOUNDS EMPTY IF A PAD FALLS OUT LOOSE SCREWS, RODS AND SHAFTS A KEY HAS SUDDENLY GONE LIMP THE SAX CAN ONLY PLAY HIGH NOTES STICKING KEYS How To Repair Soprano Saxophone saxophone repair Saxophone repair tools How to Clean Pads on a Saxophone Installation saxophone pads sax pads
saxophone pads
  author: wang   date: 2012-09-04

All the pads are made of 100% woolen felt, high qulity lambskin and bladder.
If you are interested in our products, we are willing to send you some free samples for you to test its quality and also with our price list included.
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Selection and installation
Options: the pros and cons of the general quality instruments, related to the improvement of the beginner playing level, so the purchase should be careful. Imported brands of musical instruments, although better, but in terms of the purchasing power of the Chinese public is undoubtedly too high. Homemade musical instruments cheaper price, but some musical instrument quality is not very satisfactory, because some buyers should ask professionals to help identify. If they buy, you should pay attention to the following aspects: (1) carefully observe their appearance plating, paint is uniform, with or without the bumps and. (2) Check its key pad whether prints, the fasteners on resonator is inaccurate contact with the sound hole center key pad whether Gaiyan. (3) check the degree of sensitivity of the mechanical part of the spring tension is appropriate and whether there is a gap between the key stem and the rod. (4) check their intonation, pitch the difference between the two sound should not exceed 10. 2. Installation: (1) Reeds folder from the whistle or whistle box out, Reeds plane to plane coincides with the mouthpiece, the Reeds top aligned with the top of the mouthpiece, reed flute head left thumb . (2) whistle hoop from the right hand sets in flute the whistle hoop along to the over the mouthpiece instructions line, then whistle hoop together seams at the middle of the reeds. (3) Reeds installed, the mouthpiece is inserted into the neck tube, the the mouthpiece outlet center to be aligned the neck tube overtone key. (4) to install a good neck tube is inserted in charge, and then tighten the screws of the competent upper end. (5) orchestra generally used BiaoZhunYin A school sound, Tuning alto saxophone playing liter F tenor playing B. If the saxophone pitch low the flute head into the neck tube of cork multi plug some flute head cork from the neck tube; if the saxophone tone is high, Draft outward, until the pitch than the quasi-far.
Playing position
Good playing posture potential is very important for beginners, but also repeatedly stressed that the focus of every teacher. Improve student performance level with the increase has considerable benefits, the incorrect posture not only can give people a sense of beauty, but also affect their physical and mental health, so beginners should not ignore the importance of playing position. 1. The instrument with suspenders hanging on his chest, placed the body on the right front, adjust the strap, making it not only the burden of the weight of the instrument, but also to ease the tension of the hand and arm. 2. Played standing, legs shoulder width, sat playing, legs open slightly outward, was ninety degrees bow touchdown body to naturally straight, back, chest, waist, abdomen not bend. 3. Mouthpiece angle to the natural breath and mouthpiece outlet airflow direction basis due to the direction of air flow slightly downward oblique flute head and neck tube naturally consistent with the direction of the airflow, slightly down tilt for the most good angle of about forty-five degrees. 4. Finger, wrist, arm them played more relaxed, the right-hand man to the natural bent knuckles slightly uplift, not be straight and tread off the joint, have a sense of rhythm, moving finger force should not be too large. Action should not be stiff, lift your finger should not be too high. 5. The left thumb Rotary press the T key on and control the octave overtone keys, pinkie Control 11 (down B) (l C) 8 (l G); right finger to lift up the instrument the prop hook near the part of the body below the little finger control (C) 2 (drop E), the right index finger, middle finger, ring finger on Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ key. 6. Mouth control mouthpiece, hanging with weight control Sachs, left and right hand to control the balance of the saxophone, so that played showing the best attitude.

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