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Sax pads. How to choose? http://www.flickr.com/photos/zhenghaomusic/ Six, insist on practicing scales Six, insist on practicing scales< f > Sax for beginners introductory skills < e > Sax for beginners introductory skills < d > Sax for beginners introductory skills < c > Sax for beginners introductory skills < b > Sax for beginners introductory skills < a > Classification of Sax How the day-to-day maintenance of the saxophone Sax self detection techniques On saxophone pads perception and interpretation Saxophone varieties, selection and maintenance? Sax maintains the classic quotations Saxophone instrument assembly Buy saxophone skills Sax: blowing technique Sax spit sound when major fault spit sound Sounded sax master gas and tongue with Sachs reputation and performance characteristics Classical music Sax story Instrument gentleman - saxophone Sax pad replacement method flute pads clarinet pads saxophone pads flute pads clarinet pads saxophone pads flute pads clarinet pads saxophone pads clarinet flute pads saxophone pads clarinet pads flute pads flute pads clarinet pads flute pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads saxophone pads saxophone saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxopohone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads zhenghao clarinet pads Mouthpiece cushion THE LOW D & D-sharp SOUNDS EMPTY IF A PAD FALLS OUT LOOSE SCREWS, RODS AND SHAFTS A KEY HAS SUDDENLY GONE LIMP THE SAX CAN ONLY PLAY HIGH NOTES STICKING KEYS How To Repair Soprano Saxophone saxophone repair Saxophone repair tools How to Clean Pads on a Saxophone Installation saxophone pads sax pads
clarinet pads
  author: Wang   date: 2012-10-07

All the pads are made of 100% woolen felt, high qulity lambskin and bladder.
If you are interested in our products, we are willing to send you some free samples for you to test its quality and also with our price list included.
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The clarinet gas Ming instrument. Widely used in the orchestra, marching band, jazz band, and Listening teams. Belongs to the woodwind. Commonly known as the clarinet, a variety of 17 to 23 key Boehm system clarinet. ⑴ notation range: the clarinet is a transposing instrument tablature treble clef table notation range of e-e ⑷. ⑵ the tone and volume: bass, often referred to as the "expression Tone Zone", its pronunciation deep, rich, dramatic style; treble sound pure, bright, rich and mellow; Alto area sound no obvious personality than pronunciation weak, with the sound of many instruments blend; the highest tone zone pronunciation spikes, wild, with a whistling sound. In addition to the extremely high sound can not be weak outs outside the clarinet tone region can control the volume rate of change since ppp to ff; Alto area can reach ppp to mf variations. (3) playing skills: clarinet is a very sensitive instrument, in addition to playing staccato than the flute as fluent quickly, playing the melody, scales, arpeggios, skipping sound is quite good. It can easily be played even staccato combined gorgeous brilliant phrase, these areas can be comparable with the flute. Clarinet played staccato, three spit tone method can be used, and the most easy, but also the most commonly used is a single-jetting method, with a single spit outs staccato nature can not be too fast. Any sound on the clarinet can be played easily vibrato and tremolo. ⑷ with reeds: clarinet must be equipped with the reed to vibrate sound, if in the course of damage will make the clarinet reed can not voice or wailing sounds. There are many models of modern reeds: 1 (novice or young persons) 2 (beginners or inhale) 3 (usually reeds general)
A variety of breathing
1. Exhale To propped abdomen. Blowing abdomen to go to the shrink. Metaphysical breathing, such as blowing to imagine gas Shen Dan Tian, ​​the chest and back. 4. Try to suction the full method first proposed action of wind instruments. Thought of as a sport the way, at the same time try not to talk about sensory problems. For wind instruments, which simplifies into two simple actions: inhale and spit. Inhalation and exhalation common mistakes is to inhale too forced, and worry so much about the action of the lower abdomen. Sequence breathe the gas in the abdomen, chest, back, waist, etc. .... best to suck as much as possible to suck, then blow it completed successfully, the volume is also big on many. When playing musical instruments, like archery, shot it far, there is no power, the decision is that you bow ready to pull the bow and arrow, the more tight, more powerful forces fired. That is blown out of the music is really nice, and decided to prepare when you inhale; prepare more fully, the better the sound quality will be blown. This way the basic concept is to emphasize the flexibility of the body, the use of the flexibility of the body to store energy when playing. So as long as your body flexible as possible, and will be able to blow out longer phrases. Second about exhale aspect, because this regard, so that we are going to practice playing musical instruments, mastery of sound quality, the audio quality on behalf of your level of instrument control, and we are in the wind instruments at the same time, is going to make a healthy instrument resonate, is vocal often stressed health vocalizations. The tone is like a layer of fine powder shop in sound quality, good sound must ultimately good sound quality. To determine their playing is correct, it should listen to their own voice in the distant sound of feeling rather than wonderful echo heard in a small room.

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