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Sax pads. How to choose? http://www.flickr.com/photos/zhenghaomusic/ Six, insist on practicing scales Six, insist on practicing scales< f > Sax for beginners introductory skills < e > Sax for beginners introductory skills < d > Sax for beginners introductory skills < c > Sax for beginners introductory skills < b > Sax for beginners introductory skills < a > Classification of Sax How the day-to-day maintenance of the saxophone Sax self detection techniques On saxophone pads perception and interpretation Saxophone varieties, selection and maintenance? Sax maintains the classic quotations Saxophone instrument assembly Buy saxophone skills Sax: blowing technique Sax spit sound when major fault spit sound Sounded sax master gas and tongue with Sachs reputation and performance characteristics Classical music Sax story Instrument gentleman - saxophone Sax pad replacement method flute pads clarinet pads saxophone pads flute pads clarinet pads saxophone pads flute pads clarinet pads saxophone pads clarinet flute pads saxophone pads clarinet pads flute pads flute pads clarinet pads flute pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads saxophone pads saxophone saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxopohone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads zhenghao clarinet pads Mouthpiece cushion THE LOW D & D-sharp SOUNDS EMPTY IF A PAD FALLS OUT LOOSE SCREWS, RODS AND SHAFTS A KEY HAS SUDDENLY GONE LIMP THE SAX CAN ONLY PLAY HIGH NOTES STICKING KEYS How To Repair Soprano Saxophone saxophone repair Saxophone repair tools How to Clean Pads on a Saxophone Installation saxophone pads sax pads
clarinet pads
  author: wang   date: 2012-10-09

All the pads are made of 100% woolen felt, high qulity lambskin and bladder.
If you are interested in our products, we are willing to send you some free samples for you to test its quality and also with our price list included.
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Clarinet playing in the purity of the sound, the direct impact on the quality of recording. Is playing good or bad effects in the foreign exchanges is high level of bottom. Clarinet level is fairly high, but as the world Orchestral raise the level of our performance level tends to backward position. The voice is an instrument of life, we must master the correct way to send a good sound. To emphasize here that an issue not to place undue reliance on the quality of musical instruments to improve the tone, good intonation of the instrument the mouth sub easy to use on line. Again here does not deny the role of a good instrument, just a the good mouth good way also can play a good sound. The difference between the instrument will not poles apart. Said first timbre standard clarinet tone requires full round, over-smooth, bass, the overtone area of ​​sound to be prospective, the tone and timbre of the treble overtones of 2,3,4,5 excessive, should not significant change in the tone to be unified. Vice shock should not be in the playing of the nasal area, if the tube is not completely avoidable problems Vice shock. Can be done above requirements clarinet tone there would be no deviation. In the minds of the formation of the correct sound concept, and then practice there would be a large deviation. Mouth played basically no major changes, or single-packet method only emphasized the role of the mouth muscles. Or more teeth as a fulcrum, the lower lip wrap under the dental pronunciation force. Do not be too laugh muscles on mentioning to naturally do not move as well, not too much drop-down to chin position does not move as well. Stress on teeth passive force can not take the initiative down mouthpiece sub-mouth child bite out of the groove is wrong, the lower lip is a brief break incorrect. Up and down force to blow out a normal tone hands left and right push Shizuizi of certain resistance but can move as well. Lower teeth and lower lip relationship is the relationship between muscle and bone, they are interdependent, either party can not be stressed, lower lip force dim sound did not root, the lower teeth with more hair and thin sound shrill. The above upper molar teeth as a fulcrum upper lip auxiliary control Shizuizi, but you can not pad below the upper teeth. This plus good atmosphere with will be able to give good sound. "Breath of life," as long as there is breath is life. Band breathing just strengthen a person's normal breathing, breathing control rhythmic. Human bone structure in the abdomen only after lumbar spine, the spine can support most of the human body weight? The answer is no, the only cross below the diaphragm to the lower abdomen which one of the smooth muscle of the abdominal muscles and the abdominal cavity is the body's fundamental support people. An analogy here to do abdominal likened car tire, smooth muscle likened the inner tube of the abdominal cavity, so that it can withstand great pressure. Such forces played the point on the abdomen not give chest pressure, will not affect the normal exchange of oxygen will not cause harm to the body. The breathing careful not Taijian, and do not chest, inspiratory when diaphragm muscle down the abdomen waist expand outside. Standing posture body bowed 90 degree angle with both hands on her hips, such back The the muscles taut want Taijian not good lift, smell the flowers feel suction when the abdomen and waist naturally expand outside, so that suction feeling. Exhale controlled slow, anxious, strong pressure, in the form of weak. But all the focus should be on the abdomen, not to the chest and neck caused by a large pressure. The pressure is too large abdomen can the duo whiz but not pressure to the chest and neck, if it is the wrong cause dizziness, neck too thick and neck vessels convex intercostal muscle inflammation bad. Impact of the effect of the health impact of playing. Tonguing is a basic technology to pipe music playing is very important. Where the first following requirements Ondo be clean and clear requirements that could be done and piano pronunciation. The tonguing Pronunciation never allowed to affect the pitch, that is, can not affect the mouth. Tonguing playing atmosphere played a 80% role from the remaining part of the tongue. Can try to hold my breath to do with the tongue single spit of movement, then plus the airflow hair "sudden" sound (prerequisite, the mouth does not move) the former is much slower than the latter. Usually look at the red flag on the flagpole, the the fluttering with squall tail fastest, it is with the wind flow to movement. By the same token tonguing tongue to reduce the movement of the base of the tongue. Require at least 8 per second single spit vocal whirring Italian pronunciation can learn in practice and experience in a relaxed state of motion of the tip of the tongue in the state, which helps tonguing exercises

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