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clarinet pads
  author: wang   date: 2012-10-28

In general, clarinet production is divided into two types: a hose, a woodwind woodwind divided into mahogany and ebony making ebony production, generally high-end instrument.
clarinet nearly 10 years, wooden, buy new instruments must be on the inner and outer tube fully coated with oil - white oil and sewing machine oil. Blowing for the first time not too long Cause is a new instrument of wood is relatively strong activity, step-by-step from 5 minutes to 10 minutes, the winter, do not use musical instruments windy days, it is best not to get outdoor, not the instrument on the heating and high temperature places, summer is not exposure, this can prevent or reduce the crack phenomenon.
clear water pipe
through (M) of the cloth through the tube body inside the water completely clear. Junction (Joint) residual water, use clean gauze (Polishing gauze) Carefully remove the moisture like to avoid cracks. (M) is the medium through of the cloth.
Please note new purchase musical instruments use
tube clarinet using natural wood (GRENADILLA) manufacturing, so very sensitive to rapid changes in temperature and humidity, which is the tube body injury rupture. Newly purchased instruments used in the first playing time should be short (about five minutes), the second ten minutes, the third twenty minutes, and keep in mind in the inner and outer tubes painted with the handguard oil (BORE OIL) to prevent wooden pipe body rupture.
installed before the junction painted cork cream (CORK GREASE) lubrication, please be careful not to be hard on the keys.
blow after maintenance
mouthpiece clean:
playing, please be sure to remove the reeds (reed) and moisture to dry safekeeping. Mouthpiece clean after use of the cloth, and then through the junction into clear water.
clear the Pidian moisture
The absorbent paper clip the leather pad with sound hole between the moisture dry, be careful not to damage to Pidian.
remove surface dirt
the with cleaning cloth (POLISHING CLOTH) along the tube body gently wipe, do not be hard on the keys to avoid harming the leather pad.
weekly maintenance
detail cleaning
cleaning, with the tubular body of the the words tone Qingjie rod at the lower side of the key, the gap, and other parts for detail cleaning.
monthly maintenance
key checks
check button status is flexible, you can use a small brush or scrap brush clear gap parts of dirt, check whether the key flexibility, the screws are loose. The key lubricant use the keys of screws drops on a small number of key lubricant (KEY OIL), do not need to loosen the screws. Not to drop most of a drop or two can be, then the activity button if so stick to wipe clean tube. Sound hole cleaning: with sound Qingjie clear the dirt on the key sound hole.
after some time, the wind instrument in plating treatment, there will be the case of the surface discoloration occurred, which did not affect on the blow, to be wipe will restore the original gloss.
@ painting class: LACQUER POLISH spray cleaners
@ silver-plated categories: SILVER POLISH silver cleaners
@ metal: METAL POLISH metal cleaners
there if not to her own messed breaking, because the quality of various manufacturers of musical instruments is not uniform, BUFFET, the instrument must be anti-factory to repair, or will be more bad repair! !

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