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flute pads
  author: wang   date: 2012-10-28

Part of the maintenance of the mouthpiece, have already talked about some of the content, we can reference here >>
Part of the common faults of the flute head cork moves, in order to ensure the playing pitch interval is correct, we must pay attention to the correct location of the cork, that is, we often say "block head" on that sheet metal (accurately called reflection The position of the plate).

flute pads are used to clean the bore cleaning rod equipped with a bar, also known as pass. Usually through Article no other role in addition to its use as a cleaning tool, but the key moment of the rod, but detection can play a very crucial role. Pipe a long hole can be embedded in rags, and the other end has a tick mark, it is recommended that you first attention to proofreading scale line position is correct, and rod end from the pass to the distance scale line should be 17.00 - 17.30mm using a measuring tape, if the scale is relatively large deviation in accordance with the correct size for himself to be a mark lines.

Pass rod with a scale the middle of the top to the reflective panel, tick marks should be exactly in the mouthpiece of a probe into the mouthpiece tube. On the side, the pitch will be low, you need to loosen the mouthpiece cap the inside pressure point headjoint stopper pushed down. If the lower pass rod plug up Dingyiding top to the mark in the middle and then tighten the flute headgear. (See below)

Here the way other types of flute reflection plate location data from blowing mouth line: piccolo 7.5mm alto flute 26.0mm bass flute 40.0mm

The normal state of the cork should be in the case of relatively hard to move, to facilitate the users to make adjustments when necessary. If the cork has been very loose, rub flute mouthpiece inadvertently plug on the total post moves, which requires replacement of the cork. General, loosen the mouthpiece cap, handheld mouthpiece tube down a little harder pressure, removing the mouthpiece cap a barrel cleaning rod, the plug on the end of the line out jack from the mouthpiece. Note: the mouthpiece plug can only be removed from the other end of the spigot end hardtop, can not cap the other end from the mouthpiece.

 Headjoint stopper assembly structure, we can see in the upper part of the maintenance of the mouthpiece to explain the content need to purchase a special plug accessories, replace the cork, and try to buy some cork high density, the surface looks is empty less . If a new plug is the reflective plate 1-1.5mm in diameter, can be installed on top go directly to slap Vaseline, if too large too much with sandpaper circumferentially uniform is a little dull. (Looking for the center hole of the cork stopper is not drilling, in the case of no special tools drilling is very difficult)

If the hand can not find a plug replacement, they can not interrupt practice or perform with roll of raw material belt (sealed plumbing can be bought in hardware stores) around the plug on a few laps and then loaded into the can to solve the problem temporarily.

 If the plug is tight, taken out laborious aids. Forum friend said tube with a plastic ball-point pen, which is a convenient way to find a ball-point pen to the cartridge out of the ATC as shown on the right way, the pen tube set into the the mouthpiece plug assembly screws pole , forced inside the top mobile plug. The the mouthpiece plug screw rod is M4, ballpoint pen inside diameter of the tube as long as more than 4.5mm can. M5 or M6 bolts casing can also be taken down with use.

Conditional can also own a special ruler lever with used to repair mouthpiece stopper, around the outside diameter of the round bar of 10 mm, a band 17mm scale, the other the head drilling the central aperture of 5mm diameter, the depth of the hole about 30mm. The total length of the rod length can be greater than the mouthpiece.

Here is an example we can refer to, Rosewood ruler rod style >>

The mouthpiece plug on the metal parts and the introduction of cork accessories you can see here >>

If you encounter a failure, for example, the plug more years, "rust" is difficult to remove the tube, accidentally touched off a mouthpiece, the flute head tube fell deformation or should send professional maintenance department. Replacement headjoint stopper thing, if the local professional maintenance department also best sent there as well.

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