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saxophone pads
  author: wang   date: 2012-10-29

a saxophone pads pipe saxophone pads relatively good blow and because relatively nice saxophone pads, mat largest structure is relatively complex saxophone pads. , So it is easy to bump phenomenon because it is bulky, key sub. Especially the way in the use of soft package fiery car, the car or the back of the body Cycling carry, are prone to bump phenomenon. So be sure to pay attention to prevent damage to the saxophone pads. Monocoque saxophone pads cartridge is best to use when they go out.
In order to be more convenient in the use of saxophone pads, saxophone pads a hook in the production of the ad hoc lighten the weight of the of saxophone pads in the hands through the use of neck. However, use hooks should pay special attention to the saxophone pads hanging on the hook to keep your hands at the same time leave, always have a hand in guarding saxophone pads. To do so, first, to prevent the saxophone pads the vacillating bump key sub prevent saxophone pads decoupling fell to the ground, causing unnecessary injury saxophone pads. Affect the service life of the saxophone pads.
saxophone pads after use, remove the curved neck first pipe water poured out of the body, then insert from the bell with a long rod brush rub a few times, and then inserted into the tube body from the neck nozzle rub a few times, after the brush directly into the saxophone pads to, when to use and then pull out on the line, also the available dedicated wiping No. cloth to wipe. Then clean up the mat, wet mat with absorbent paper clips in between the cushions and the sound hole, hand the key sub-water drain, then with a clean cloth sandwiched between the mat and the sound hole, the key sub- press gently, back and forth to pull several strips of cloth, to keep clean mat with sound hole. To do so in order to prevent dirt accumulate more, to produce a side effect - adhesions, resulting in key sub can not afford or belated phenomenon, affecting playing effect. Is also an object to prevent the mat due to the long been saliva soaking, will accelerate the aging of the mats, and cause the mat is made of hard, impact cushions microleakage, thereby reducing the life of the saxophone pads. saxophone pads surface dirt, water stains, fingerprints and dust can be used to clean, soft cloth to gently wipe clear it. Between key sub key lever below the dust, the available 0.5-inch small brush gently clean. Small brush generally can be purchased in the chemical store. Careful not knocked the stick below the key sub-cork mat or sticky pad, so as not to affect the intonation. screws on the saxophone pads, regular check, found loose, tighten in a timely manner. Reeds used to remove, wipe moisture safekeeping. The mouthpiece water rinse, and then soft cloth can also be directly wipe. Neck tube that is bent neck tube, a month to clean up once the the first key sub removed, washed with tap water and a soft brush to brush your attention to the protection of the mouthpiece cork, try not to make cork red wet, can also be before flushing the cork on some Vaseline lubricant to protect the red after the tube with a cloth, cork if any water should also be promptly wiped. Last through the tweeter hole with a needle or a thin steel wire thin rods, to prevent dirt from clogging, and then treble keys on can. Month to give the saxophone oil, white oil or sewing machine oil on the pads in the joints and screw parts of each key drops two drops, there have to drop a drop of oil on the treble keys reed, not too much, a few drops of oil after activities key sub the oil to fully penetrate. And then use a soft cloth to wipe the excess oil on the surface. saxophone pads after use, be sure to put the saxophone pads box, such as the work need not immediately back into the saxophone pads in the box, but also do not on the a smooth stool or unsafe place to prevent damage saxophone pads.


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