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Sax pads. How to choose? http://www.flickr.com/photos/zhenghaomusic/ Six, insist on practicing scales Six, insist on practicing scales< f > Sax for beginners introductory skills < e > Sax for beginners introductory skills < d > Sax for beginners introductory skills < c > Sax for beginners introductory skills < b > Sax for beginners introductory skills < a > Classification of Sax How the day-to-day maintenance of the saxophone Sax self detection techniques On saxophone pads perception and interpretation Saxophone varieties, selection and maintenance? Sax maintains the classic quotations Saxophone instrument assembly Buy saxophone skills Sax: blowing technique Sax spit sound when major fault spit sound Sounded sax master gas and tongue with Sachs reputation and performance characteristics Classical music Sax story Instrument gentleman - saxophone Sax pad replacement method flute pads clarinet pads saxophone pads flute pads clarinet pads saxophone pads flute pads clarinet pads saxophone pads clarinet flute pads saxophone pads clarinet pads flute pads flute pads clarinet pads flute pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads clarinet pads saxophone pads saxophone saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxopohone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads saxophone pads zhenghao clarinet pads Mouthpiece cushion THE LOW D & D-sharp SOUNDS EMPTY IF A PAD FALLS OUT LOOSE SCREWS, RODS AND SHAFTS A KEY HAS SUDDENLY GONE LIMP THE SAX CAN ONLY PLAY HIGH NOTES STICKING KEYS How To Repair Soprano Saxophone saxophone repair Saxophone repair tools How to Clean Pads on a Saxophone Installation saxophone pads sax pads
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 To spit sound teaching Figure

It is the most simple and intuitive expression spit the sound skills tongue and reeds parts.
  To spit sound teaching Figure saxophone pads
The French masters Buddha ink contact with the reed tongue D parts B site;
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The saxophone choice, assembly and maintenance
The choice of instruments
Can quickly grasp the correct way of playing and smooth, the normal learn the saxophone, the choice of instruments is very important. Therefore, solicit the opinions of professional teachers to buy which manufacturers of musical instruments as well. Currently, the market is a lot of Sark tube having neither manufacturers or plants and brands, but not a factory product, but a branch or the relationship between plant products. Therefore, buy musical instruments with particular attention to the following points:
First, check instrument manufacture metal too soft, does not guarantee the thickness and strength of some musical instruments, the mechanical system is not robust, even pressure on the instrument with the thumb can lacuna key sub and retaining key device in normal depressed, can be deformed and bent. This instrument purchase soon, due to deficiencies, problems often out how to fix it or work.
Second, check the prints on each of the key sub-upholstered pad fasteners on the resonator to the accuracy of the contact sound hole, and key pad whether snapping. To check the tap pad, do not see the mat around the slightest chink requirements point can not leak. The same time, they also had to check the press the mat linked keys should install the same good, if a key pad check less air leaks somewhere, can bring great difficulties to the player. In particular, the Italian was overlooked and important professional issues, check the distance the sound hole of all key pad height is appropriate and the same, if certain key pad lift is too high, the pronunciation of the key boorish high pitch, if the lift is low pronunciation of the key is keeping everything low pitch, if all key lift height is not uniform consistency and intonation of the instrument sound quality will be poor, is bound to affect the performance effects, is not conducive to the hearing of the students and the improvement of the professional and technical.
Third, to check each of the key spring tension is appropriate. Spring is too soft key rise and fall slowly, the spring is too hard, finger force is too large, easy to make the finger becomes stiff affect the performance effects.
Fourth, check the key stem, and the link between whether there is a gap if so, gap, key pad impossible formation accurately seated on the sound hole.
Fifth, check the welds solid installation of the screws is whether reasonable, whether rough process. Saxophone, some manufacturers because of the poor quality rough process, and even the maintenance department refused to repair.
Sixth, played checks from the bass drop B standard B, C, C sharp, D, E, F, G sharp test must lightest weak intensity of playing, so the bass can be sensitive pronunciation. Whether all range issued last measured sound accurate sound quality, the volume is not uniform. Seventh, if economic conditions permit, to buy a higher grade instruments, will undoubtedly play a very positive role to learn the saxophone.

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