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Saxophone varieties, selection and maintenance?
  author: 222   date: 2013-02-25

 Saxophone varieties, selection and maintenance?

Saxophone because don't a tune, its size, the length of the thickness is also each are not identical. Soprano Sax straight as clarinet, alto saxophone, in a bending shape. There are nine kinds of specifications, but often with only three or four kinds of Western musical instruments factory production, recommended love Sax, site is http://www.aijiamin.com which is: saxophone pads

BB Soprano Saxophone ( also known as Shabolanuosakesi tube ), the shape of a straight tube, a metal band clarinet, commonly used.

BE Alto Saxophone ( also known as Aldo sax ), a curved tubular, in the band as a soloist and lead. It sounds beautiful, strong performance, playing is easy to use, is one of the most.

BB Tenor Saxophone ( also known as the Nuosakesi tube, also is of bending shape, volume slightly larger than bE, the saxophone it sound slightly sad, beautiful and vigorous, and voices for accompaniment and solo.

BE Baritone Saxophone ( also called Ba Dong Saxophone ), bend the specialty, circle, under bending is also very long, larger. Sound slightly rough, not used.

Quality detection method when the choose and buy of the saxophone:

The appearance of coating 1, saxophone in the tube body silver-plated, gold-plated trumpet is preferred. The second is yellow and nickel plating. Requirements of pipe body surface light without silk prints, no scratches, dented and problems.

2, all welds should be firm, smooth, tight. The bending part no creases and uneven phenomenon. Big bend should be in the shape of U, on the neck bending angle of about 60 degrees is appropriate. The upper and lower tube interfaces to close, proper tightness, with accurate, no leakage phenomenon.

3, the saxophone sound hole cover should not have leakage phenomenon, all closed holes require around even, smoothly. When the examination from peep neck socket pipe, and a flashlight ( or to the sun ) in the holes around the irradiation, observe whether the light penetration.

4, the keys to be flexible, elastic medium. Check one by one finger quickly control keys, keys and flexible requirements but loose, hole cover shall accurately closed, transport means, in the process, should not be a metallic noise.

The cavity 5, saxophone should more smooth and better, has the very big relations finish on the pronunciation of the smooth and sound quality. Check horn at the light, from the neck nozzle into cavity, and slowly rotate, observe the smoothness and there is no rust and other defects.

Sheepskin cushion cover, the 6 holes should be smoothly, sheepskin leather to smooth, soft, delicate, uniform, good elasticity, no damage, crease, otherwise it will affect life and density.

The flute head 7, saxophone on the pronunciation is very important. The head of the reed flute and flute back slot radian to appropriate, if the whistle slice up too high, it is not sensitive to play. Also check the reed reed whether clips and tight-fitting.

Saxophone maintenance and maintenance:

1, play each completed, is best to use special brush or clean cloth to clean the inside and outside the pipe body into a box for storing, prevent rust.

2, after use should be coated with some oil, to keep the key lever and spring flexible lubrication, hole pad should be maintained in a clean, dry, prevent mildew.

3, play should wash their hands before rinsing, not greasy food debris stuck inside the mouth on the reed. Reed first with water wet, playing with the flute head end cover, to prevent broken reed.

4, holding the tube body not too hard, so as not to be a key rod pinch twisted, not collision and bent bond bar, to prevent the emergence of fault leakage.

The tube body 5, silver if black cloth dipped in alcohol, can be mixed powder, the pipe body polish, then wipe cloth powder can be, do not wipe with a chemical solvent.

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